Jose Clavero Photographer

Jose Clavero Photographer
UK - Nationwide
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Hello! If you are reading this , it is because the most important day of your life is approaching.. Your wonderful wedding day is around the corner. Congratulations!

No doubt you are feeling nervous preparing for every detail of this long-awaited moment, but try to relax, , I will be happy to join you and help you on your journey.

I'm Jose Clavero, a photographer and graphic designer and passionate about my work. Accompanied by my camera since 1993, I have a long artistic career in capturing emotions and small details, that has allowed me to discover different styles and techniques.

Photography is always an element present in all weddings. And such a special day can't be spent without saving the best moments to remember forever. This is why I offer 4 ways to be sure that not even a moment of this fabulous day is forgotten.

It is the ideal opportunity to remember the best moments as a couple, without nerves, without haste and wherever you want. In addition, it is the perfect opportunity to break the ice, feel comfortable in front of the camera, and then on the day of the wedding you can do away with that tension and those nerves. It will be a unique experience!

From the very beginning I will be with you capturing every moment of the preparations so that you will always remember what a fabulous day it was , from beginning to end.

The best way to enjoy unforgettable moments with the guests. These will be very special little places for family and friends to have a good time. While you enjoy the wonderful day with them and keep beautiful moments with funny photographs.

What better way to enjoy one more day of your wedding dress and evoke the best moments of your wedding day. It's a session where you can give freedom to your creativity and imagination, through photography of the place of which you have always dreamed, without schedules or haste.

I offer you the possibility of making your perfect photo album in two very beautiful and different environments, London and Andalusia. You can choose between the beautiful streets of London or the sunny and sea areas of the Costa del Sol. To this end , you will capture the photos that reflect your specific wishes. . Different, unique, creative photographs that showthe magic in every moment.

I invite you to discover these differences with me and have a unique memory of the most awaited day of your life.