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Planning your Wedding

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Wedding Cakes, Traditional, Cupcakes or Chocolate - what is your favourite?
17/05/2017 The Wedding Directory
From the iconic traditional fruit wedding cake to cakes of all shapes, flavours, colours, styles and sizes, the options are now endless.
Top Tips for a Summer Wedding
01/05/2016 The Wedding Directory
Choosing a date on which to have your wedding for some people is a simple task but for others, it can be a little trickier. If you decide to have a summer wedding here are some great top tips.
15/02/2017 The Wedding Directory
If money were no object what would you add or change about your wedding?
18/07/2015 The Wedding Directory
The key to a stress free wedding is to remain calm and stay flexible.
10 Essential Wedding Planning Tips
19/06/2015 The Wedding Directory
Over the coming weeks, we’ll be posting 50 tips on all things wedmin.
09/06/2015 The Wedding Directory
Essential what to ask questions to ensure nothing is overlooked on the build up to the bid day.
01/07/2014 The Wedding Directory
Whether you are planning to tone up, lose weight or have a new hairstyle, planning is key to avoid pre-wedding stress!