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Six Things to ask your Wedding Venue

26/02/2018 The Wedding Directory

Six Things to ask your Wedding Venue

Finding just the right venue for your #wedding or civil ceremony can be an exciting and sometimes daunting process, for several reasons:

Often you’re not comparing like with like. A castle or a hotel? A marquee or a sit-down dinner? A church or a village hall? It can be tough to make a choice when there are so many options

There’s a lot to consider - costs, seating, access, parking, weather … there are so many variables to take into account.

Your tastes may not coincide - you’ve always seen yourself as a country bride but your partner’s a city slicker, or you’ve spent many happy hours planning your big day but your other half is pretty casual about the whole thing.

For all these reasons it can be useful to have a handy checklist that takes some of the heat out of finding the perfect wedding or civil ceremony venue.

1 - exactly what’s included in the cost?

For example, make sure that you know the VAT inclusive price. Budgeting without including the VAT element can lead you wildly astray. Find out of there is any charge for setting up the venue, whether there might be extra cleaning charges and, if you’re paying a deposit, whether it’s refundable and under what circumstances. Check whether the fee for your civil ceremony is included, some licensed wedding venues offer this inclusive in the price, others charge for it.

2 - are there any restrictions on decor?

Venues vary widely on what they allow. Some places to get married come pre-decorated and you don’t get a say, others allow you to festoon the place any way you wish. Still others allow you to tailor some elements such as floral displays and chair sashes but don’t allow more intensive decor details such as bunting and swags, candles etc.

3 - can we talk about parking?

Seriously, not enough wedding couples get clear answers to this all important question! You need to know more than the number of parking spaces such as: is any other event using the parking during the period of our wedding? There’s not much point having 100 parking spaces if the local golf club is using 80 of them for an award ceremony! Is there a car parking attendant? If not, you might want to choose some extra ushers to help your guests get parked.

4 - can we have doves/confetti/fireworks/live music?

Some wonderful wedding venues can’t host fireworks because they are surrounded by livestock. Other great civil ceremony locations don’t have a live music licence. Many churches no longer permit confetti because of environmental concerns and if you want something really unusual like a gun salute or a flight of doves or butterflies, please make sure your chosen wedding venue can handle your requirements.

5 - will we be the only wedding on the day?

This one is important for your own understanding. There are wedding venues that handle up to four weddings a day - and because they are experienced, they make it work really well. Other places to get married guarantee you the exclusive use of the venue during the entire day. This is very much a matter of personal preference but it’s good to be clear about the facts.

6 - what would you like us to know about your venue?

Please, please ask this question! From perfect photo opportunities to romantic past histories, many venue hosts have amazing information to offer to couples, and this kind of detail can really contribute to the success of your ceremony.

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